It's done! We are online with our new portal for used machine parts in the beverage and food industry. Under the motto "Some companies are looking for what they no longer need!" our portal went live in May of this year. 

In many conversations with breweries, dairies and beverage bottling companies, we have learned that the warehouses are often full of old and new machine parts that have not been needed for a long time. On the one hand, the machines are no longer in the machine park, on the other hand, the parts are leftovers from large spare parts packages from the OEMs. "So far there is no quick and easy way to sell these parts!" We heard this sentence over and over again. On one of my last visits to a local dairy, I had to watch several pallets of new machine parts being handed over to the scrap dealer. Against the background of the current sustainability debate, this is a senseless waste of valuable resources, as the parts may be urgently needed elsewhere.

We have therefore made it our mission to bring the two sides together. The beverage manufacturer who wants to sell the spare part that is no longer required and the bottler who urgently needs the machine part for his system. On our portal used machine parts. De, both sides can easily find each other, exchange ideas and are completely free to complete the transaction.   

Our young team is made up of industry experts, technicians and programmers. Together we want to help especially small and medium-sized companies in the beverage industry to use the potential of digitization and to position themselves properly for the future. In this context, we still have many ideas in the pipeline, all of which focus on the user!