Gotthard Müller is a godsend for the platform used machine parts with his knowledge and wealth of experience as a consultant and agent. He is 72 years old and still works with enthusiasm - when you need him. With Eltec Müller GmbH in particular, he has made a name for himself as a specialist in systems technology in the food and beverage industry. Tbb spares sells new, as good as new and used machine parts. It offers a wide range of mechanical, electrical and pneumatic parts, some of which are in their original packaging or have already been discontinued by the manufacturer. We are in contact with Gotthard Müller from the start. His declared goal is to dissolve the huge machine and machine parts warehouse and to sell the treasures that have accumulated over the years via our portal.

At our last meeting I had the opportunity to learn more about this impressive personality over a cup of coffee and a piece of rhubarb cake. By a happy coincidence, Gotthard Müller came into the beverage industry and remained loyal to it for 46 years. In an exciting interview, Gotthard Müller told us about unforgettable experiences, setbacks and how he ended up in the beverage industry.

Mr. Müller, why did you decide to set up your own business? And you have the step ever regretted

Actually, I already knew in my second year of apprenticeship that I wanted to be self-employed. My wish was confirmed when I went straight to assembly after completing my electrician apprenticeship. I wasn't 18 years old then. Right from the start, I was enthusiastic about the ability to decide for myself. I started with electrical work and expanded in 1997 to include mechanical and conveyor work.

How did you end up in the beverage industry?

I ended up in the beverage industry by chance. Friends found out that I started my own business after completing my electrician apprenticeship and recommended me to one of the most renowned beverage producers and bottlers. And then it started. We have grown continuously and have expanded our portfolio step by step. 

What was the most exciting assignment?

I have done installations and commissioning for all major mechanical engineers. All over the world, Brazil, China, Turkey. I have seen and experienced an incredible amount through my job. Some missions were really borderline. For example my assignment in Yemen. When I was kidnapped by a local militia and held captive for almost 2 weeks. To this day I do not know the background to this act. When I finally got free and arrived at the construction site, all the machines were covered with sand and could no longer be used. So I had to go home without having achieved anything.

What was your greatest personal or professional challenge?

My master's examination in 1977/78, which I did in evening school while I was self-employed. 

I imagine that is very difficult. How did you keep it up?

To be honest, if I hadn't had it without known colleagues, I would have found it very difficult. Thanks to the regular exchange and learning together, I was able to pull it off. We meet again for Christmas today.

Another challenge was the insolvency of my first company, Gotthard Müller, as a sole proprietorship in December 2000. At that time, I had focused my business on one customer who unfortunately left me hanging at some point. But I learned from it and came out stronger. Eltec Müller GmbH & CO.KG was founded in January 2001.

What advice would you give to people who want to start their own business?

It is important not to bury your head in the sand in the event of setbacks. But to keep going. To get up again immediately. Of course, it's important to learn from your mistakes, but don't get discouraged.

Why do you want to close your machine parts warehouse?

Over time, a heap of machine parts and machines have accumulated in the now three halls. Partly real treasures from manufacturers that no longer exist today, such as Ortmann & Herbst, ... Many companies are certainly looking for parts that are in stock here and are no longer needed.

In addition, it is the desire for sustainability, in today's world, with scarce raw materials, it is often better to repair and supplement instead of throwing it away.

Why do you use the portal for this?

With an industry-specific portal, we can reach exactly the right people! Here we offer professionals, machines, assemblies and many spare parts. And not just in the neighborhood, but ideally worldwide. In addition, the platform also supports the topic of sustainability by not simply scrapping spare parts, but rather using them elsewhere. That makes sense to me!

Thank you Mr. Müller for the exciting insight.